Look on the bright side

Random Weird Issue #3

Corona has us all in a weird state of uncertainty and negative news (including Covidiots).

So let’s have a look at what positive side effects Corona and other disasters might bring. (I’ll start with mindfulness training and some new fancy yoga thing soon.)

  • Sports: Since coronavirus shut down all sports, it’s been a bit quiet. Though, thanks to John Oliver we can now enjoy marble runs. Great fun.

  • Travel: Picking travel destinations is becoming a lot easier. Here are the last countries without coronavirus.

  • Inequality: Apparently, a pandemic can be a great equalizer. Well, we will see what the robber barons 2.0 have to say about it.

  • Media: Small magazines and niche publications are becoming more popular again. For a change: thanks, Corona.

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You can't touch this (oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh)


🙅‍♀️ You did Nazi me coming
[against right-wing politics]

  • Wanna join the dictators and despots? Here’s a field guide to tyranny.

  • Trump is giving the media shit on purpose (zone-flooding). “The act of communicating the ‘information’ has the effect of normalizing it.” As usual, less is more.

🕵️ I have nothing to hide

  • Contact-tracing app/database (NSO). Unprotected and without a password. Cool.

  • Zoom bought Keybase in order to integrate the end-to-end encryption which it claimed to have all along.

  • US Senate voted to let NSA warrantlessly collect your browsing history.

  • Surveillance company NSO pitched phone hacking tech to the police. The police. Sure.

  • Xiaomi recording private web and phone use. Let the data flowww.

  • Email addresses can be easily picked up by trackers when the site does not protect it. Happen to JetBlue and many others. (I’d know a few in Switzerland as well.)

  • When your freedom depends on an app.

🔥 It’s getting hot out there
[climate change]

  • Much fun: melting glaciers could result in tsunamis.

  • And much more might come. It’s all about the unknown unknowns.

📈 Fantastic data and where to find them
[data, data visualization, data journalism]

  • Since it’s all about the numbers, some countries and states try to manipulate data to appear more positive. Virginia is the latest example.

This and that

  • Insider Trading: Remember those US politicians that sold stock while receiving Coronavirus briefings (Burr, Loeffler)? The FBI is now looking into it.

  • For all aspiring conspiracy theorists: Bill Gates is soon going to publish Covid-20. A new 5G-driven hoax to force vaccination.

  • A hacker saved the internet (the world) from the WannaCry virus. But got arrested by the FBI. Important read.

  • Something so good I wished I wrote it myself: “Why we at $FAMOUS_COMPANY Switched to $HYPED_TECHNOLOGY

  • Cryptocurrency, the great equalizer. Creating a better world… by hacking computers to mine it. Better: shady dudes trapped in a pyramid scheme.

  • Those $270bn that Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet, and Facebook have in net cash, sure might help some countries and regions. But they’d rather not pay taxes instead.

  • The NYT print frontpage is still designed with pen and pencil.