Heroes don't get paid

Random Weird Issue #2

I am currently on the job hunt and I still see a lot of pseudo-fancy job ads like UX Hero, or Analytics Ninja. While those might be intended to stand out among all those boring ones, it also leaves me with the impression that they are high-stress/low-paid jobs that got some fake glitter. For a great workplace simply add a foosball table. 10/10 would recommend.

Though, more importantly, this again made me think about all the politicians calling frontline workers heroes during the current pandemic. Which is worse.

The fact of the matter is: heroes don’t get paid.

Pay me in applause

Apparently, there are also now essential worker action figures available. While Trevor Noah calls this good news, I am a bit more skeptical. It’s undeniably a good thing that essential workers - from nurses to garbage collectors - get more appreciation and applause. Though action figures won’t get them paid. You can’t live on that - afaik.

Superhero toys might help in reducing some bias and aid in understanding why those jobs are indeed essential in our society, it might also lead to more inequality. There have been plenty of voices over the last years and centuries, that called for better infrastructure and more money for - let’s say - social professions. Though, all we get is tax exemptions and bailouts for billionaires and large corporations.

Margaret Thatcher said that “there is no such thing as society,” and Ronald Reagan said that “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” These stupid slogans marked the turn away from the postwar period of reconstruction and underpin much of the bullshit of the past forty years.
We are individuals first, yes, just as bees are, but we exist in a larger social body. Society is not only real; it’s fundamental. We can’t live without it. And now we’re beginning to understand that this “we” includes many other creatures and societies in our biosphere and even in ourselves.
- Kim Stanley Robinson

This idolizing of essential workers now might just leave people with the impression that vital professions are just more altruistic. Hence, they don’t need money. They found their true calling. Let’s give more money to bankers.

Imho we should change #ThankYouHeroes to #PayYourHeroes. Or something like that.

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