About Random Weird

Random Weird is an irregular newsletter.

I started this newsletter to channel noteworthy articles and things I stumble upon so more people can benefit. Usually, I would just send them to friends and family. Sharing is caring after all.

While newsletters are becoming a bit hip again, becoming famous and important is definitely not my goal. Plus, if I’d be really cool, I’d start a podcast.

Obviously, this newsletter is neither truly random nor truly weird (depending on the actual meaning/definition). We all have our blinders on and are attracted or at least more likely to notice things we have encountered before (cf. cognitive biases). Quite ordinary, sorry. Though, thankfully, there are still things that are odd, unusual, remarkable, or simply noteworthy. I’ll put together things that I found interesting here.

Given I do this in my spare time, this newsletter will be irregular for sure.


In general, my newsletter is going to be in the intersection of society and technology, sparkled with a bit of data, politics, and sarcasm.


Currently, in addition to the main topic, I focus on the following segments.

📈 Fantastic data and where to find them
[data, data visualization, data journalism]

🔥 It’s getting hot out there
[climate change]

🕵️ I have nothing to hide

🙅‍♀️ You did Nazi me coming
[right-wing politics]

About me

I am a data analyst & consultant, currently heading the Data Insights & Analytics team at Tamedia (TX Group) in Zurich.

I have a background in economics and business, with a focus on languages and international economics.

I like to explore what data and technology mean in the context of society.

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